Zora's Mistake

Belina and Zora arrived back in Austria, having lived for more than forty years in South Africa, where a series of shocks rocked the normality of their lives: An armed robbery at their home, the killing of a friend’s brother, car-jacking of friends and the rape of a client’s pregnant daughter. O n top, the sudden change of permanent residency, from one continent to another, wore heavily on body and soul. But however cumbersome the reintegration process into a different society had become, the city of Vienna had acknowledged to strive for a democratic coexistence with all its people. The initially different lifestyle might be tough, as one is thrown to the heap of jobless and receivers of social help, but then one is not left out in the bitter cold and one feels to be placed with one’s feet upon familiar ground.

Belina and Zora, two individuals with strong personalities, had ongoing domestic fights since Belina gave up her chronic medication prescribed in South Africa. She cannot find her place and besides her irregular sleeping habits, she suffers from a nervous condition. She worries constantly about the remainder of her wardrobe she had to leave back in Athens, where Zora had three solo art exhibitions of his paintings in well-established galleries. Forced by economic circumstances they have to leave their flat at short notice.

From a see-saw voyage through Africa and into welcoming European lands, would this trip across the Danube symbolize a journey across the River of Oblivion?

Belina and Zora take up their dialogue again, overcoming the times of their tense relationship. Zora will endeavor step by step to build love with his spouse again and he recalls a quote by DDr Fritz Perls: To die and to be reborn is very difficult. Will Belina accept his goodwill and is she prepared to turn her high-pitched attitudes down, arrive at an understanding and carry on living as friends under one tiny roof?

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ZJ Galos.