Val. Greek Lessons

A new week for me is looking forward to Wednesday. Mondays and Tuesdays pass while I am in a state of a floating feeling, as I work on my artistic concepts and I write poetry at the sacred hour oft he early morning, just after waking up. This is, besides a discipline, also a gift from my Muse, who has sent me Val, an intelligent and sensuous young woman.

Restless on Tuesday afternoon’s, I prepare my homework for learning Greek under her guidance, and also my poems I have translated from English to Greek, and vice versa, for her corrections. It’s a way of learning another language, especially such a difficult and rich one, as Greek.

I walk towards the small park with well-kept lawns and groups of pine trees. Close to a children’s playground I wait for her seated on a bench in the shade of a pine tree. At one occasion we have chosen this spot,when my spouse had expressed the wish that I should meet Val rather at a coffee house, as she could not cope with the tense vibes Val emitted.

However, I have tried convincing Bea that it had been clear to me that as Val was attractive and young, she would be sooner or later cause a stir visiting me regularly on Wednesday afternoons. However, as we were only friends, she had nothing to fear about a deeper relationship to evolve. But Bea was convinced that Val had a wicked character strait and woud get me into trouble if I didn’t watch her. Perhaps, as there were many such examples in Greek mythology. Well, I laughed such comparisons off, bur Bea was insisting: “As you admire her, you could meet her in future in a coffee house,“ Bea concluded our discussion about my young friend and Muse and added, “once a month you may bring her here.“ It’s of no use to have a different opinion with Bea, as she gets terribly upset and so I decided to keep quiet and agree with her fort he time being.

This afternoon, a beautiful spring day, I waited for her on our agreed spot in the nearby park. As I was ahead of her, driven out from my secluded study by an inner force of restlessness, I noticed the ground still had puddles left from a recent downpou. I chose the dry end oft he bench, sat down and enjoyed reading my Greek phrasebook, wgich also had some translated slang words – so that you are aware what they mean – it said on the page with exclamations.

I sensed that Val would approach from the path straight along where ‘our bench‘ stood. As I turned my head I saw her. She looked unusual in a long light blue cotton dress. As she walked toward me I could see her legs through the sheer cotton shaped by the rays from the sun behind her. Wow! It reminded me of a scene with a young woman in a similar dress I had met in Makris Gialos. “Hey!“ Val greeted me from a close distance. “Hi Val, I did not recognize you at first.“ She came closer and smiled as she noticed my eyes looking her up. I stood up and we kissed like friends, as we always kissed each other’s cheeks. She wanted to sit down on the left side oft he bench where the puddles were. “Sit here,“ I said and touched her arm to guide her to the dry spot. As she accepted the seat, I gazed at her well-shaped and manicured toes placed in sandals, with a blue rhinestone configuration that embraced her well-shaped feet. We talked about our work and health conscious issues. Val had embarked on a healthy diet and she looked good and pretty.

I am always short for words, as I am holding back with compliments, as Val had stated that she wished to keep a professional relationship of teacher and pupil, and I have respected that. But I had fallen in love with her the first time I saw her and since then sympathies have gradually changed into a veneration for her. At times she had behaved like a temptress and at other times like a dutiful daughter, well educated and from good parents. At other times, outside the confines of my study, she displayed an attitude of a flirting young woman who used swear words. A change of various moods that drove my sensitive mind onto the path of falling prey to her young body wrapped into tight clothes, shorts with a short top showing her free navel that made me desire to touch her. I heard warning voices from my former Muse, especially Ana’s, ringing in my ear. I put that down to jealousy.

Studying Greek with her was my idea, as I couldn’t cope with citing my erotic poetry for her to type up. Impossible. But at the sacred hour of my morning’s wake I wrote love poetry for her. I watched her sitting next to me. After weh ad done an hour’s work on Greek grammer and some translations, she felt tired, sliding down her seat, the veil of her cotton dress showed the gentle curvature of her body and the shapes of her thighs. I wanted to touch Val and my hands touched her bare shoulders in a gesture of friendship, yet her soft skin stirred me. I looked into the dusky secret of her eyes and she stopped talking for a moment. “You are confusing me.“ I smiled and this repeated at times, she gazed into my eyes.

“You are confusing me,“ I said. Weh ad to laugh, but certainly there had been a sensual feeling that had been planted like a seed of sympathy into my heart and it grew into a plant when Val bought my watercolour, called ‘My First Hymn‘.

We paused das Val rolled a cigarette and caused the distance of indifference between us that supposed to keep the professional distance between us, but ist delicate fabric of transparent gauze had been burnt away by the furnace oft he sun that matched with our thoughts. I wished to keep studying Greek with Val, at the same time I wished to touch her and tell her that I have loved her many times, yet I am afraid it’ll destroy the remainder of a delicate band that connects us as good friends.

Suddenly she retrieves her hi-tech cellphone from her bag. “Listen to this!“ She hands me one of her earplugs and we listen to a Greek song, she intends to translate next time with me. Instead she jots down immediately the English translation form e. It’s a wonderful poetic lyric and it suits the rebetico style music, as she replies to my questions. Val is full of surprises. I think that I’m waiting for her tob e ready one of these afternoons, when I will not have to hold back any longer and ask her to lie down next to me.