Station Pub City of Saints

If you miss the bus No.241
Walking from the U4 station
At the City of Saints
You have two choices:
Sit on a bench and chew
On a fresh roll
You’ve bought at Hofer
Or to join the sundowner crowd
At the station’s pub
With five beers from tap
To choose from:
Shwechater Zwickl
Reininghaus Pils
Edelweiß trüb
Zipfer Urtyp
Gösser Spezial or
Which I decided on.
Mhh-Malt taste at the end
Of a sip
But caramel sensations
Will linger on till the next
Bus at 18:17 to Weidling.
An elderly man with slightly
Blood shot eyes
A stocky woman in a blue
Jean outfit with short cut hair
Shooting words of critique
From her hips.
Dusky foreign bar men
Serving obediently
A young excited dog is running
Laborers with ethnic languages
Talk with emphasis
A continuously flickering TV
Nobody looks at
One barman serves food to the
Jeans lady explaining in broken
German what the menu entails.
An elderly couple in the corner
Seats samples a bowl of soup
Oh it’s time to drink up.
Starobrno – Excellent!