Spleen of Love


Zen, who had turned to novel writing, meets a beautiful, dusky woman at the Writers Write club. As friends, they both conduct their research at the Sandton library in Johannesburg. During their stay, a freak earthquake erupts suddenly and Zen protects Sola from falling debris. Both had lost their spouses. Sola’s husband escaped to India with their two children and Zen’s spouse had left for her family in Europe. Kurt, Zen’s friend welcomes him and Sola at his home in Camps Bay, Cape Province, where it still seems to be safe from an erupting pandemic disease, called ‘Green Death’. Zen, tempted by Kurt’s wife, Trudy, seduces her. She is biased toward dusky Sola, from Indian origin. Chris, her daughter befriends Sola, while Kurt’s favorite daughter Heidi, fancies Zen. Shortly thereafter, as Zen had convinced Kurt, the skipper, that they should leave the country by boat, as the epidemic spreads countrywide and affects mostly children. Sailing Kurt’s boat, Zen has the full attention of Trudy steering it, while Kurt recovers from an accident. At a farewell party in Gibraltar, having mastered a storm at sea, Sla and Zen participate in their host’s orgy. Sola leaves the next morning and asks Zen to help her with finding her children. Zed’s friend Mohamed, agrees to welcome them in Egypt, which is still free of the ‘Green Death’ disease. Mohamed encourages Zen and Sola to become Egyptologists and help him with his sightseeing tours along the Nile. At a visit to the Hathor temple in Dendera, terrorists capture Mohamed and Sola. Sahib and Zen prepare with a specialist troupe to rescue them from the camp in the desert. George, Sola’s estranged husband meets her at the camp and coerces a surprised Sola to have sex with him. Sola demands in exchange more freedom for her and Mohamed, plus the necessary medication to survive. Mohamed becomes Sola’s spiritual healer and falls in love with her. Operation Horus launches a surprise attack and Zen frees Sola and Mohamed, but shielding them is badly wounded. At the last minute, Sahib pulls Zen into the military rescue helicopter. Will Zen survive? What will happen to Sola’s children?     

From the author’s book. Available at bod.de/home. Click at Buchshop and search author’s name :ZJ GALOS. Happy reading.