Short Stories III & IV, Part 2

Exzerpt: Paraglia Marathonas. Marie.


prose-poetry in Short Stories, Book III & IV Part 2 (BoD-Books on Demand-Norderstedt)

‘Paraglia Marathonas. Marie’.

Autor: Z J  Galos

I’ve found the woman I always wanted to be with, my voice sounded inside me and I held her tightly. The waves from the bay started rising in high tide and changed colours from dark grey to inky blue and turquoise at their height, just as waves of passion did: The rhythmic lapping of the sea against the sandy beach recalled in me pictures of pounding myself into Marie, her straddling me, perching on me like a seagull on a pointed rock and riding me with most delicate slides.

She loosened herself and kissed me. I kissed her back for as long as my lips would enjoy her sensuality I felt everywhere present. Her whole body became one lip I wanted to suck and lick and darting my tongue into. And this time she loved me with her bruised lips, her hot lancing tongue that let me suddenly explode like the rising sea with a sound of its breaking waves.

“You came in my mouth,” she laughed and kissed me. I inhaled her animalistic scent of wild flowers with the taste of love’s mingled juices, vanilla and asparagus, impossible to define as I drifted into the beckoning sea of endless warmth.