How bad the day begun on the 4th December

It was impossible to communicate with my spouse.

The poet has prepared his next book for an

Upload to BoD

The books on demand – company.


Cleaning chores and tidying up

Took a few hours

And then the poet had to visit the local bank

To pay-in some fees for the upload of his

Two books

But little sympathy from his spouse

Her root problem is that her life did not

Offer her an income

While the poet has his hands full

Besides the city visit and to look up friends

And a supporting Muse.


He’ll look after his aged friend.


When headaches plague his being

Tensions thick like fog around the

Temporary home

He’s off to a visit of his Muse.

There’s a friendly flat awaiting his

Tired body

But when he experiences the quaint


He’ll relax immediately.

Kept all in white it’s perfect to exhibit

His virtual art

That lodges still in his mind since

Many days.

Since the time he took the courage

To ask his Muse

If he may dwell in her place for a


‘Indeed’ she said. But alone.

‘Of course’ he replied

Thinking of her vigil for her spouse.

The pleasant white room for a

Superb rest.

He’ll be conceiving his follow-up


For now in a solitary state of deep


REST.TSER                     zoltanzelan   ZJG-POetry’19.