The Big Four

As soon as you’ve organized

Your mind

And have perhaps followed

The four dimensions in an attempt

To line up into one direction

Even if it’s not that easy and

You’ve failed many times

Let yourself be encouraged by


The wise man

And start up immediately

As it’s high time

To commit yourself to create

A desired world within you:

To pleasantness

And then all around you       

Does your body feel it?

Follow up with being at ease

Having reached peace in your

Mind –

Are you cool?

When last have you felt love and

Compassion deeply?

Having followed this did you

Experience blissfulness and


Now then

Lined up these four elements

You’re ready for creating

A new world for yourself and

For all around you

For the world:


The Big Four.




Times with a Guru. Part One

Some go to a bar

Others go to a church

Or visit a temple

All seekers of the same thing.

Their intelligence needs an

Urgent setting.

Tragically most of us have

Become victims of the

Chemical net’s little heaven

The intoxication that offers

Instant pleasure

Be it little or more effective

For an increase of our faculties.

But who could manage our

Own chemical factories?


Liberate your mind

Invest into your life

Do something unpredictable.

Experience everything around

You as yourself

Part of the universe to be

Congruent with its cosmic


Sadhguru says concluding:

It all happens at 3:30 am.

Reset your intelligence.




Viva (Art in the Parliament)

Always chuffed when invited

To a vernissage

I act as a guide to Mr T

The often gregarious

At times a contemp friend

Interested in a future exhibition

Where he could find a venue

For the artwork of his late Dad.


Klien the velotaxi driver

Is certainly a young man who

Knows his way around Vienna’s

Provisional buildings

Erected for the members of


While the genuine chambers

Are renovated and refurbished.


Mr T is not agreeable with the

Price for the fare

He assesses as being half of

What Klien charges.

Having never small change

I’ll come to his aid handing him

A few coins.

During assembly time chilled

Water and processed orange juice

Are served.

While Mr T darts restlessly around

In search of the parliament’s host

He finally hands him a flier from

The last exhibition of his Dad’s art.

The speakers finished

The folk famished

The crowd swarms to the buffet

Wines and cold drinks flow.

Our pleasant server speaks Farsi

Arabic and German

Replenishes our drinks with a smile

Reminding me of warrior reliefs

From Persepolis.

What about the exhibited art?

Mr T asks the poet.

‘Let’s join the guide and find out’

The poet replies.

To the poet it’s related to politics

But with some of the abstract


Any interpretation is possible.

Long live the exhibited art in the

Parliament! Someone says

It’s building a bridge between

Politicians and artists.

Will it?

Viva the murmuring crowd seems to





Spouse’s Lament

When the day nears its end

And all becomes calm and still

She sings like a bird

Her lament as lullaby

About a lost paradise

Where a choir of tropical birds

Would intonate their daily hymn

At twilight hour:



Unforgettable in its final chords

Of highlights at Umhlanga Rocks.

Now here in the northern hemisphere

The birds have been killed off by

Monsanto’s poisoned grass

Chemtrails’ polluted air

A sad. Sad. Irresponsible world

If you’re lucky

One bluebird sings

But for how long still?

The poet observes with concern

Listens to one dove’s lament

That compliments his spouses’ one

He has become familiar with

But then

There’s still hope to turn

The tide

For saving bees

Discarding plastic

Thanks to the worldwide efforts

Of the young protesters

And all the other conscious people





Just as Viv the violinist criticized

Her performance of late

The poet critiqued his monologue

About ‘Art & Love’

A series of ten books with drawings

And poems.

He could never consolidate this


It dawned on him when Radovan

Conducted an interview with him

Showing his work and his methods

Of creativity:

A dualism between ZG the artist

And ZJG the poet.

It had been always like this:

Drawing – Poem

Poem – Drawing

Ne art genre feeding on the other


However the poet had tried his best

To talk stone cold about his work

And in accordance with Mrs IRA

He did well.

But then some flaws will only lead

To improvements and new ideas

Also induced by friends and random


A stepping stone into the right


Tempus fugit.




At the ‘Heurigen’ of Fame

The day after a night’s celebration

Is ne’er taken with such ease

At an advanced age.

Yet the best medicine for enjoyment

Of a get-together with honoured guests

Will be to celebrate with a similar drink

You’ve left off the shortened night.

At Beethoven’s favourite ‘Heurigen’

Called ‘Mayer am Pfarrplatz’ in

Heiligenstadt. Vienna.

Time seemed to have moved slowly

At this quaint inner yard between

The two-gabled House

A celebratory refuge for prominent


Attracting the famous and hangers-on

Of the musical world.

Our group of illustrious friends:

Violinist Viv with her dad who is

A well-known pianist in Vienna

And in Japan

Mr T the keeper of his dad’s

Art treasure-inheritance

Shown in Museums worldwide

Prof Reiszes from Uruguay and

Some students of music from

Vienna’s academy

Reflect with anecdotes about

Yesterday’s concert dedicated

To Fritz Kreisler

The man at home with any musical


But famous for his songs

Based on the Viennese tradition.

The poet observes the happy crowd

Wondering about his projected

Future as an artist

Just as Vivienne the violinist does.

Perhaps Mr T –

Life’s artist –

Arranger of exhibitions of his Dad’s

Unique expressionist art

Has some serious issues with his

Ageing process.

But soon we all will be knocking at

The same door.

Keep playing

Drawing and painting

Keep penning!

Carpe Diem.



Great Works of Art

A great piece of art will only

Happen of you have the

Simple mind of a child.


That’s when the artist is close

To the peak of happiness.

Like an athlete who does

One step at a time before

He’ll run and achieve top

Placings in sport

The artist will do the same

With one stroke of pen or

Brush at a time

Charging up the vehicle of


Indeed the artist creates

And places his intensity of

Thoughts toward it.

Then if he takes an ink pen

To add words to other words

Or takes a pigment liner and

Draws ne line to the next

Wonderful works of art will


Great works of art.