On Tour With Mr T.

Bratislava. Easy Taxi, five Euro, but smelly. It’s an easier arrival at Ptrcalka, but the station is austere, offers tightly designed benches to rest and take a call. Mr T walks to the tobacco shop for his beloved finely sliced chips, but there are none left in stock. Traffic’s tardy, clogged up streets like an old artery.

Finally the taxi arrives and takes us to Seberiniho district, where the Hotel is situated. It’s also called Hotel Bratislava.

Room 802 is Mr T’s usual room, almost reserved for him. It’s a good room considering circumstances, except for a meagre general lighting, ignoring the necessity to read. Instead go to the bar area and sample a glass of wholesome Slovakian beer. Unfortunately the peanuts offered are flowery and hardly edible. Having relaxed a bit, go change for the do at the Israeli Embassy. Pack some rolls of reproductions of A. Frankl’s art for distribution to potential customers. Separate two packs of CD’s and DVD’s for the Israeli Ambassador and the President of Slovakia.

Vel’ vyslanectvo F’zradela na Slovensku spravodlivi Medzi Narodmi.

Monsters are dangerous but fortunately at a minimum. More dangerous are the common people. After the Ambassador’s speech honouring of the righteous people of Slovakia has been conducted, supported by a well perceived slides and video snips of the saviours of people – in this instance Jews – by other people, important to have shown personal courage against the Nazi regime, with smart and immediate actions.

After the function we greet the evening’s moderator, Alena, we know from Vienna, where she was the director for the Slovak Cultural Centre. I take some snapshots with my cellular phone. We all have some wine and a sandwich afterwards. I greet a friendly face and recall a man with a gregarious attitude. Ferro? He tells me in Hungarian some jokes and sayings he heard as a kid. We laugh a lot.

I bring Mr T some water to drink, as he forgets hunting for some people interested in Holocaust history, so he could interest them for his late father’s works of art.

We both feel hungry. We go to Linda, he says and strides ahead. Unfortunately no taxi will be prepared to drive there. It’s perhaps a short stretch for a car, but for us elderly persons it’s a bit far to walk at this time at night.

At Linda’s Yasmin restaurant they receive us with ever-friendly hospitality. Just as we have finished eating Chop suey and glazed noodles, the waiters pull up the chairs already, but it does not impact on the pleasant atmosphere.

Yes, the food is always wholesome and no wonder it’s Mr T’s favourite haunt.

Linda has been back to China, but she’s better off here in her own business venture.

Sport? Ringen – Wrestling. Sports Sponsoring: Lubos Tiefenbach, Wrestler in Greek-Roman style. Interesting cab driver.