What about two meetings
abandoned invitations
sweet classical sounds from
Danubian orchestra’s treat?
What happened deep inside
the whorl of sensual fantasies
an ad hoc togetherness
viewing images of wandering
the streets of Warsaw
seventy years back
over rubble over squares
blown to piece perspectives?
Deep inside ignominy.
No wonder: Living in a room
With a body emaciated by
Its own steady cremation
chasing ghosts of yesteryear
falling prey to spooks of
lascivious muses
cat paw-slicing bodies in heat
cannibal amazons
kickass violence.
No more ignominy in
autoerotic pleasures.
No more enjoyment in
slow-dance seduction
the fingertip sliding of
electrical sensations on ones’
bare skin?
What about an erotic meeting
that never materialized
since we met at the cradle
of civilisation
the sacred rock above
a pebble-strewn city
when you emerged
from the mighty temple
that carries your name?