Friendship & Marriage

I haven’t seen her for 45 years

Since she parted on a note of

Anger and jealousy.

I’ve found her again on the

World-wide-web and we

Started a series of narrative


Then one day we met in person

At a café of her choice

Near the Albertina

In Vienna. Simchi.

She took after her Mom –

A lifetime of happenings lied

Between us

But we couldn’t take-up our


Where we had left off.

Yet. I thought

Although she promised to

Come early summer and

We could walk together

In the Viennese Woods

As we used to as students.

I have been married for

51 years and met the love

Of a lifetime 17 years ago.

An early death of my Muse 

Had parted us and changed


My marriage turned to


True love could only be

Judged after its ending

And marriage can’t be

Taken-up again.





The poet’s gait

Has become too slow

For his sporty spouse

But why does she

Exhort him to speed-up?

First of all:

He works with an elderly


At a reasonable pace

Suitable for Octogenarians.

Then they’ll sit together

Quietly –

Mr T / Mrs IRA /

And the poet

Discussing general matters

At ease.

The poet has been called

On his mobile phone by his

Spouse to join her

But he was already on

His way home.

However to please her he’ll

Makes the effort to join her

In her favourite café.

But spouse or elderly friend

Place him into the spot to

Estimate the time for getting

The transport of U-Bahn and

Bus connection worked out

That does not suit his spouse.

It’s sheer impossible to please


As she blames him for having

To wait too long for the bus.

Better everybody travels alone

As waiting stresses his spouse

Too much

Who blames him ruining her

Relaxing evening

Although he could say the

Same for himself

But he refrains to say so

Avoiding another domestic

Fight on a trivial matter

As far as the poet is concerned.




Salud Albert

Cheers to you

Great playwright

Novelist and astute


Nobel Laureate

As you are known


For your invaluable thoughts

Have touched every writer

Of inner stature

So this bard

Who had for as long as he worked

On his own novel Zora’s Mistake

Your kind assistance as an


And mental dialogue partner

For his protagonist – Zora –

Who had lost his way in the

Labyrinth of his tested existence.

Three cheers to you on your

Birthday 106.

Thank you Albert.





Excuse me Muse

What kind of dreams

Are these?

Falling from the sky

With an Icarian dive

Blue lacquered skies and

Ice cold winds

The mind in a disarray

Leaving Weidling hamlet

For necessary gadgets

Delayed by an empty

Cellphone battery.

Play Word Hub until 90pts

Reached with six games.

Breakfast with skyr

Nuts and chia seed

Honey and almonds.

A great start – GO!





Living at times between

Two cities:

Bratislava and Vienna.

The chase for delivering

Important messages in Art

Will test in Bratislava the

Patience of O & Z –

Well past the ease of ambling –

And strain Mr T

Who wishes to fulfill his promise

In spite of an extensive search

For a far-out city address and

On relying of a pathfinding tool

The correct spot is still left to

Our investigating minds and

Our eyes peeled and

Opened wide.


It happened for good teamwork

But nobody home at No.43.

Never mind.

Place the goodies at the door.

Still home then back in Vienna

The ghosts of the address chase

In ever extending suburbs of


Will haunt the poet’s being

Until sweet slumber will take

Over and

WordPress will rule the poet’s

Welcome peace.

His shield against ill words and

A war of attitudes.

Mr T confirms on the phone

That all’s well at last

As presents were found and

Handed to the intended






My negative of a fine net

Across the cover of my notebook

Called: Berlin Nightflight


Silver-spider web of roads and       

Innumerable dots of

Illuminated houses

The light-intense spots of

Public buildings and shops

The spider sitting in the dense

Core of her finely spun net.

An Indian dreamcatcher

Inspiring for the artist and

The poet alike.

Sketches on the fine paper

By the artist

That inspire the poet in him

To write

His innermost web unfolds

The catch the slightest sound

Of voices

The faintest images of people

Deer and children

Hardest hit by fate and

Luckiest souls to unfurl.





Sitting on a well-upholstered


Listening to an opera performance

On a video screen subconsciously

Staring through the double window

To an early wintry atmosphere of

The inner city.

The Opera-Pharmacy advertises

In bold electronics in multiple


The figurative façade of Hotel Bristol

With warm amber effect lighting

Has transferred into the Café’s interior

Tinkering noises from the espresso

Corner mixes with my thoughts

About Time & Eternity

Neo-Classical mixes with Art Deco

Styles and sips of black coffee

From a red cup keeps my mind

Expanding into the dusky skies.

Water from the Rax-spring.

Dreaming of the ‘King of Ice’.