What kind of guy is that?

Knocking a man of Jewish belief

Frightening him to death

Braking his nose?

What kind of an oak is that?

Can’t be called a man

Reminds the poet of his Grandpa

Who had been attacked on his way

Home early evening

By the local pharmacist’s henchmen.

As he fell down the brooks ravine

His temple broken

Meant his death. 1944.

History aiming for a replay?

Vienna be ashamed

Following close after Halle

Must we all just sitting back

While disrespect and violence

Of man against man becomes

Frequent news

Only few people care about?

I recall the importance of


Coming myself from a sheltered


The question: Which stable are

You from? Has profound meaning

Especially in the Age of General

Disrespect. To say the least.





FlatWorld 05

The magic of well-designed

Domiciles still attracts the

Architect that lives in the

Inner-labyrinth of the

Artist’s soul.

For the second time she was

Adamant to view a two-roomed

Flat at the newly built units

In Oberlaa. Vienna.

Yet the foreman disallowed them

To take a peek at a ground floor


He referred them to Gewisa

The developpers of the


Nearby – the cold cutting air

Had invaded one’s skin and bone –

The famous Spa-Café invites

For food and drink

Fine patisserie and coffee.

Never mind info lags behind

And working staff at Gewisa

Has the Monday-blues.

‘Eventually we’ll get there!’

B said.

‘Yes’. ZZ replied. ‘In hundred


With this kind of local attitude’.

‘Don’t be negative’. B replied.

‘All right. Let’s finish our meal’.

ZZ smiled and tucked into the

Self-prepared food.





‚Why are you irritated

My friend?‘ The Facebook

Lobbyist exclaims.


The poet collects himself

And speaks with a low voice.

‘It wasn’t always this way’


‘For a long time my spouse

Sank into the stupor of an

Incommunicative mode

And I was left at the curb

Of abandoned souls’.

‘Oh I’m sorry’ the lobbyist


‘Well. That is until I was

Picked up by a Southern

Looking woman

A poetess in her own right

As it turned out.

She – my saviour led me

Along with prompts and




A loving Muse with lots

Of passion.




FlatWorld 04

Exploring the lands

Around U1’s extension line

To the south-east of Vienna

Planned for this Saturday

But plagued by drizzle

From a continual change

Of dark and light cloud

At times some pale sunshine

For a short while.

Quickly into a nearby patisserie

To sit out a sudden downpour

With excellent tarte de framboise

And two cups of Italian espresso.

Then recovered from the cold

Walk towards the new building

Site with a complex of blocks

Designed for modern socially

Supported living

Along the Oberlaa Park and Spa


Will have to contact the developer

To have a chance of moving into

One of these well-designed units

Light and friendly colours

At the first block.

With cold wind creeping below

Our coats

Back again to the U3 station


Remembering Albie Sachs

Victim of a terror attack in


Back in the late seventies.

His loss of one arm was traumatic

Kreisky invited him to the Spa in


He told me at a luncheon.

Now it’s up to us and the Gods

The friendly spirits

And the caring Muses

To ask for their support and


To assist with our quest

In moving forward.




FlatWorld 02

Meanwhile more water

Flows down the Danube River.

It’ll take another year of waiting

For an acceptable flat

In a close vicinity to Vienna’s

City centre

By public underground.

And then?

Move from Weidling to the

Capital as an intermediate


Then two years

Then perhaps things changed.

Who rushes to plan ahead

When you find yourself

In the last remaining laps

Of life?

But then authorities will force


To trip over stumbling stones

The continual fight for

A reasonable life

Most income will hit the coffers

Of realty firms.

And all this thanks to a

World-company for refusing

To pay the fee for proven

Architectural services.

A chain of unforeseen and

Tragic events

Pushed into the face of

The artist and his spouse.




FlatWorld 01

Walking the hindrance route

Of County Offices in Vienna

A local specialty

Like Wiener Schnitzel

But less tasty

Yet a superb all-sense experience

If you’ll make it thru’ all places

At prescribed times

And thru’ all properly filled-in

Application forms.

Unavoidably irritating.

Repetitive data:

The great regurgitation

Time and again.

Stumbling blocks on the way

Of reaching ones goal

Pounding the well known

Granite cobblestones!

Relaxing at a pit-stop café

Opposite the grand dome

Of St Stephan.

The clap-clap of horse hooves

A pacifying sound.

Hanging on to basic philosophical

Thoughts about life.

‘You’ll need a two year period

Of living continually in Vienna

Before you may submit an

Official form for a residence-card

And choose a county office

Administered flat

Even offered on the free

Residential market.




A Tribute to Genesis

In the midst of searching

For an app for my android

Out of wordpress.com

A poem: ‘Life in Art’ jumps

Onto my monitor

And echoes in my Innermost

For stirring me into life

Recalling: having made love

To Santana III music

Pulsating in my veins

A celebration of love that

Never fades in between the

Billions of mind’s network

One thing leading to another.

It’s Genesis and Phil

Who had sung all night’s

Concert in Wembley and

I have followed them to

Rome: ‘When in Rome’.


How magical the world of

Creativity works

Connecting artists all over

The planet

Sounding great through

The universe

Moving my Lamy pen with

The charcoal-tainted nib

Directed by my Muse’s guide

To life

Enjoyed in ‘ART & LOVE’

In dance and inspiring sounds: