I’m an Indie Book writer


I wanna be spread

and entirely read

by friends and fans:

I’m an Indie Book writer.

Once love was new

mingled joy and lust

into happiness pure

Into united hearts.

True lovers then:

Anna praised me as

her love

one of the deeper lovers

I presume

for mature love she’d be


Raced with me on a highway

of symbolic poetry

I dug from her

wide open soul.

True lovers then.




The 239 Bus Ride Poems – Virtual Scene

On a pink-clouded day

Along the Danube River

The sun like a huge stage light

Illuminated a virtual scene

Riding along bus 239

I gathered I knew only

As usually quite drab.

What is it on this Wednesday

Morn’ that has influenced

The way I feel?

Perhaps the New Year still

In it’s infancy

But serious thoughts about

Its growing up?

Life might offer a respite

From living in between

Air pollution and the hope

Of an escape to an Island

In the Med.



ZJG-Poetry ’17.tavola armenica (2)