Placid and in the groove

Of creative writing

A love poem emerged

My body in a fever

In midst of a periwinkle

Stretched-out hamlet.

There was a faint knock

On the door

I thought it was my spouse

Knocking on my drywall


Then a louder knock

Rushing from my artist’s


I unlocked the front door

And opened it.

Like a wizard this bearded

Man had appeared

A gremlin or a messenger

Of unfortunate news?

His talk sounded gobbled up

Strange dialect I thought.

His bad vibes caused me

A deal of discomfort.

I asked him politely to leave.

He swore

And when he called me names

I closed the door and locked it

As my spouse and always do.

My mind analyzed:

Strange man


Causing a dichotomy between

Me and my spouse.

She went to the bathroom

While I prepared a healing tea

Soon the scenery dissolved

Into the Weidling-air’s dusk.

Warlock or spook?





Back in the Badener Bahn

Ivory and blue train

Out of a paradise of

‘Dolce far niente’

Whenever one had finished

Successfully one’s therapies.

One train arrives

One train goes.

Two coaches with a flexible joint

For mastering tight curves.

The sun bakes the dust-grey

Cloud cover over the city

The air impregnated with


I’m traveling from a country town

To a hamlet

Bypassing the big city with the

Metro train below and above


Time flies.

In a jiffy I’m at the 400 bus

Heading toward Klnbg-Weidling


Temporary home.

I’m uneasy.





Baden good-bye!

Roll my packed suitcase

Along the tarred roads

To Josefsplatz.

In time –

Escaped from the dragnet

Of therapies and repetitive


The school discipline.

The funny but uncaring

Mrs N.

The overweight woman

With her rollator.

Yet the talkative Mrs E.

Sweet when met alone

But easily influenced by

Both dominating women.

After a short morning’s walk

And a Magnum ice cream

I pull out of the

Badener Hof Hotel and

Wellness Spa.

Time. Finito. Basta.

My cure a success.

My back hurts pulling my

Suitcase along

Loaded with garments

I never wore

And an additional book

About Eros.





Yesterday’s visitor surprised me.

She came out of the blue.

She said on the phone: ‘I’m in

The Badener Bahn to see you.

Don’t let me down.

I’ll arrive within the hour’.

‘OK’. I replied and cancelled

Supper at reception.

Left the hotel into a sunny

Monday morn’

To meet her at Josefsplatz

The end station.

As I waited for her I bought

An ice cream from Peter –

Whose name reminded me

Of my cousin in Eisenstadt.


As the train arrived

I walked toward the coaches

And as soon she emerged

I waved at her.

She waved back.

Greeting her she asked for

Visiting a coffee house

As was exhausted from the

Two hour trip.

Café Central.

Talks about her activities

And then about my cure.

We walked thru’ Baden.

Ice cream at Ice-Peter

As he also has lactose-free

Ice cream

She prefers.

Then after a small tour

Around the provincial city

She suddenly felt hungry.

Well. The local restaurants

Being expensive

Back to Café Central for a

Tuna salad for her.

I stuck to a glass of local

Red wine.

She talked more about her


That offered her only

Boredom at our common


From there we walked thru’

Small streets of ‘Biedermeier-

Baden’ back to Josefsplatz

And the Badener Bahn

She called ‘Bimmelbahn’.

I saw her off.

She apologized having taken

Me off the planned tour thru’

The Casino.

‘I’ve seen Casinos in S-Africa’.

I said and waved her good-bye.





A stranger feeling for the

Last morning of therapies

At this grand place of cure

Healing and wellness.

Reflections about the petite

Hungarian therapist for her

Healing gymnastics

Who took also great care

For me.

Some pecuniary appreciation

As I could afford

I chewed over in my mind

But also to help her with

Mastering the German lingo.

An Email correspondence


I think she’ll be grateful for

We’ll see.

For now the good-bye rituals

Will entail more musings and


How deep was the therapy?

How high did I fly?





Amazing social interaction

Of the varied personalities

While on a cure at the

Badener Hof Spa.

Where a seating order is

Obligatory at the dining table

For the 21 day duration.

It’s the luck of the draw.

At times one is drawn into

Trivial conversations

At other times one would

Find an interlocutor at

The next table

A younger woman who had

Followed one

Allocated with a room

Next to one’s own.

Unfortunately she’s inhibited

Not liberated from the poignant

Indoctrinations of a misguided

Generation of teachers.


It would be like winning the

Lottery ticket to come across

A matching person to one’s

Own character traits.

Matching to one’s intellect


And spiritual leanings.

It happens only once in a

Person’s life

If one is blessed by the

Goddess of Eros.





I met her at the staircase landing

To the first floor.

‘I follow you like a shadow

But my room is on the same floor’.

‘OK’. I said as I turned.

I had a good look at the woman’s

Eyes: They had lost their shine.

She talked about the state of her


As if time would run out for her

Quite soon.

‘Macular degeneration’. She uttered.

‘But you know it’s amazing what

Ten percent capacity to see

Still can do for me’.


Here was a woman I’ve seen before

Checking out her figure

Looking at her back.

She must have felt it having

Developed a sensibility above the


Into our conversation – we continued

In easy chairs on floor one –

I received a phone call from my

Spouse. The woman left.


How could I catch up on such


Of an interesting life’ drama

Even if I’ll see her again?

I asked her later for company.

‘It’s Sunday and we could try

Café Central’. I said. ‘I’ll be a good

Guide and an avid listener’.


Perhaps. There’s potential.