Above High Bridge

Above High Bridge.

Above High Bridge
on golden Face of Art Noveau
with fleeting feet she dances
exposed to peoples’
denuding eyes
the happenings of all the Arts
in two cities: Bratislava. Vienna
with bitter-sweets of boxed-in
stories –
Schnitzler’s round dance
eternally extended
in wave rings on a mirrored sea
like intimate thoughts of
outstanding women
in midst of survival art:
Art against Oblivion.
Blood from an extended family
of equal minded spirits
spread on the cobblestoned heart
of historic Vienna:
Rabensteig. Bermuda Dreieck.
Jerusalemstiege. Neuer Markt.
With rubbing feet in Nike runners
on granite-cube laid mosaic
stomping clanks of horse’s hoofs
on Fiaker coaches in controversy
of leaving a boiling city behind
but never its musical soul.
Dissipate nerve-tearing matters
singing maudlin songs along
some socialising ‘Heurigen-Trunk’.
Let pretty women shed their garb
not only in the act of protest
but for love’s eternal round dance.
Above High Bridge
in the aged gold that shimmers
on beautiful faces
of new-age youth’s
indiscriminate moves.



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