wet spot

he has dreamed of a paradisiacal setting

in the early hoursof the night

waking to a shot of pain/ like a bolt/ the pain

of torture in his upper arms/ unbearable

take a tablet – he thought – then the

interrupted sleep in a two-hourly rhythm

gave him a high for autoeroticism

that put him immediately to sleep.

he hadn’t noticed how high his libidinal

pressure was/ only on a higher part of

the bedcovers/ he didn’t know that he

still could shoot that for/ almost a great

relief in this mode of pastinnoculation

to fight covid 19.

amazing circumstancesof attacks to his

delicate health: covid 19 innoculation

and pain in his joints/ upper arms

a reflux of arthritis?

enough to make a grown man cry.


at the weidling train station he saw

an advert flag

with a symbolical depiction of a

ten-leafed plant.


zjg poetry’21.

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