he has drawn for a long time:

from primary school to his birthday

at 81/ more than 75 years.

but then before covid 3 lockdown

his production increased/ like young

d’artagnon/ who wished to become

a king’s musketeer/ the artist worked

to become well-known in the

european lands

hving made his mark as an architect

in afrique du sud/ swaziland/ and the

cape peninsula.

his friend would come to his vernissage

at Zanoni’s

and so would ten admireres

nor worrysome catching a bug.

then ino would draw her calligraphic

circles and sponsor him for paper

and pen/ give him pointers/ free up

his imagination for a cycle

of black and white drawings to his

poetry he called: “Art & Love/ L & A

a new book in the making perhaps?

now then/ get going zz/ zjg/ zg

there’s still a treasure chest of ideas

to be realised

for all to see and read.



zjg poetry’ 21.

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