side effects

‘you shouldn’t blow up

your hands/ they are not

supposed to function as balloons’

said a concerned neighbour

who often takes the brunt

of scolding

about running the heating vessel’s

adjustments for the four tennant’s


in these four living units

transformed from cattle sheds

by an economizing county man.

the poet would defend him

glad that his neighbour cares about

reasonably tempered living conditions

as the poet/ unused to this climate

dwelled most of his life in the warm

climate of the southern hemisphere.

now then / this morn’ the huge dark

SUV of the owner appeared/ then

a pause/ his face eappeared/ he took off

in a hurry/ suddenly the warmth from

the centrally heated radiators vanished

quite evidently the owner had switched

the heating off. period.

perhaps tomorrow’s holiday sparked off

his autocratic deed. now then/ a dialogue

happened that never took place.

additionally pandemic innoculations

have a series of sideeffects that’ll affect

us all. sideeffects.stceffeedis


zjg poetry’21.

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