NAM (New Acropolis Museum)

along areopagitou to amble between

casual musicians/ sellers of sweets

and corncobs/ smell of seducing

foodprep in the warm air

like women’s sweet perfume.

the NAM like a bright gem of crystal

embraces the great temple’s art

that stands lit-up by the moon

on top of the rock

while our eyes feast upon the

Acropolis Marbles

assembled in shards/ bust-up/

with dark gaps of missing pieces

like knocked-out teeth in the frieze.

in spite/ we celebrate in groups/

in two’s/ alone –

the poet recalls the good times

of love/ the pain of a passing

excited heart/ a shadow attached

to her happy laughs.

squeezed out into the lukewarm

night/ the quick demise by rail

by tram

the times of short intensity in love

like true love

lie above the reflective globe

pushed back and fro

along the endless roads

and vanishes into the suburbs

driven over by never tiring traffic

mauled to pieces by their wheels

hammering/ embossing proposed

changes/ to complete the missing

pieces that became victims

victims of art theft.

New Acropolis Museum.



zjg poetry’10/ ’21.

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