at the pediatrician

not altogether chirpy like the starling

pains in the arms have limited sleeping time

to a few hours.

since the second jab of innoculation

for covid 19/ the old sports injuries have

come-up to haunt me/ as if i just have

extended myself yeaterday.

fortunately a pediatrician who has rooms

i could reach with a short trip by bus

would take me if i was prepared to wait

until the patients with fixed appointments

had been fisnished.

let’s see what’s in store for me?

at the point in my life’s advanced age

perspectives have steadily changed.

as this bard also draws and paints

his present muse encourages him

with a sponsored venue for an exhibition

something/ he had looked forward to

for some time

especially as all signs looked positiv

but now/ covid 19 lockdowns changed

the game considerably

no green light yet for cultural happenings

opening of galleries/ until there are huge

places for distancing of visitors

it’s impossible to conduct a vernissage

in smaller galleries and ateliers

the artist will carry on

creating works of art.



zjg poetry’21.

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