the island

you’ve locked her up ‘il conte’

for many years

in a slave’s existence

not trusting her

vever loving her for the sake

of just love/ not due to conjugal

rights/ not for the sacrifice of

a warior who set sail for capturing

elusive treasures –

by killing her emotions

trampling on her soul.

you’ve not succeeded with

imprisoning her

and while you snoozeed

she’s escaped to be with her lover

a pet/ a man on a mystical mission

a stranger/ yet someone with

a secret trail

that soothes her wounds

that heals her soul

and touching her she’ll join him

flying to the clouds

the island

he’ll always recall

as if touching the button on his

laptop and calling-up the scene

that befits their love

and fosters deep lust

within them both.


zjg poetry’10/ ’21.

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