how would you describe happiness

or a most-desired wellbeing in the

world of man and woman

of every living being with a well

functioning brain/ the composer

asked the poet.

the bard would think for a moment

look-up his collection of lyrical poems

about Art&Love –

art/ as an expression of sexual happiness

wherein good luck/ proper time given

for preparation/ the build-up of

steady tensions/ desires of the beloved

partner/ adventure in the choice of

meeting places

would accellerate the foreplay of

touchings/ lead to petting/ togetherness

of two instruments tuned well to create

a wondrous scene when she quoted

from the ‘Song of Songs’:

“for mighty like death is love

the neverland its fervour”.

then/ just then/ the poet had realized

that they both were well underway

on the ‘obelisk’ he had depicted

his art had turned into a rocket

his reflections chiselled into

its sleek surface

they both travelled on.



zjg poetry’21.

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