other half of eros

the days yield nothing but useless


leading me down the garden path

in a circle

in which centred the fial answer

lies/ reflecting like a devil’s eye.

the days of nearness to each other

have driven a wedge of indifference

between us

that belies our passion

that has made us to believe in the

failure of human relations

that always centres around passions

and desires

like the circling path of longing

that reflects a central blue-green


this day is marred by failure

even the messenger of love breaks


as comm’s slip from his weakening

fingers/ the poet swears

all’s just a blank page and

a dark screen.

let’s do it tomorrow/ we say in unison

and hope has won

for we are soulmates of the first degree.

‘see you in bed’/ she says

and i agree with my other half of eros.



zjg poetry’21.

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