in the heat of our love

i s aw flashes of words on the

mirror of your heart:


as if a string of events played

a ticker-type message

as if i would fly with you in a

whirlwind affair

upside down in this dance

between heaven and earth

counting the whorls of hair

at the delta of your thighs

colourful dots of a holy ten

creations of art

that changed their shape

blew up as balloons

of sun and moon

and starformations that fell

upon the planet earth

in a full-mooned august night

illuminating the upright pillars

of the great poet’s genesis

that brought scribe and muse

to embrace in the mystical glow

and the band of powerful beasts

and vile men came undone

and galloped off into the endless


above the lover’s embraces.


zjg poetry’21.

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