i smelled the body of a palm-tree

fingers spread/ moving towards me

drops of tears all over its hairtips

attracting me to its nectar

i pressed myself into

its fingertips made me move and slide

untilthe softness of its curves

pulled me in/ ignited me

and a fire raged between my thighs

fine hairtip needles perforated my skin

white drops of blood stood like

a string of pearls around the neck

of her/ her/ i’ve met in my other world.

i watched this man who came from

within the russet bole of the tree

embracing the woman of milk and


change into a priced bull and ride

away with the woman

who had a skin of a whale.

from the dark green and purole sea

the movements of her feet and hands

lapped my great excitement

as i watched this spectacle of

ever-changing bodies and trees

for as long as i fell asleep.


zjg poetry’21.

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