where are the friends of the poet?

whereto have the friends of the artist

gone to/ who has painstainkingly

rendered his drawings for a follow-up


there are many scared people

the fright of survival bulge from

their eyes

and the few who preach and live

positive lives

have faded into the parisian blue

of the spring skies.

still/ the artist finds hope in using

more quality time

to complete a series of drawings

he had conceptualized fsome years

ago/ they have now matured for

publication without censorship.

without the tin drum of marketing

it’s only for the truth searchers

the style developers

the adventureres in writing

and the lyrical crowd of the few

looking for inspiration and for


for those who can read with their

hearts and souls

not only thru’ their eyes and minds

the artist will carry on.



zjg poetry’21.

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