wide open again

a friend’s page wrote on facebook:

“eventually you’ll end up where you

need to be/ with who you’ll meant

to be with/ and doing what you are

meant to do”.

i share her thoughts in this regard

as a poet/ writing my journal poetry

day for day/ being inspired by suc

fine notions

besides i have opened up my heart

and have experienced love wide open.

for many years my heart had been sealed

of to feelings

with tons of pain and sorrow

having lost a true beloved one

praised in poems/ novels/ short stories

and elegies.

now/ as the aftermath of the passionate


and having scaled the high road

of creative success

that had been slowly cleared up

it’s time to reflect about my art concepts

bring to fruition all the sketches of art

and ideas of lyrical poetry

share it with all art lovers and friends.



zjg poetry’21.

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