in any relationships at times

one of the partners in love

just as in crime/ disappears.

in the circle of artists it is

ever more delicate

due to a geometry of triangulation

that rules over one’s emotional


the ebb and flow of inspiration

at its peak of success

opposed by the dark shadow

of destruction/ quite often from

the lips of a ghosting jealousy

partner in crime of the shadow world’s

members/ aka pilferers of art

sneaking into exhibition spaces

claiming selective pieces

as there are no watching drones

alerted to neutralize the culprits

somebody called the military arm

of the leaches of society. crash!

somebody crunching a watercolour

screech! it’s the slicing of a canvas

but these are also acts of artwork’s


built into the presentable frames

the new direction of art presentation?


perhaps a grand effect for the moment

of a work under the hammer of an


the art enthusiast will pick up the pieces

uncrumble the paper

re-establishing the sliced canvas as a new

diptych/ triptych/ multitych.

this’ the eternal repetitive circle in our

western culture

however/ art derives from able

if it would be from want it’ll called wable

art from abilities

tra from wanting.



zjg poetry’21.

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