pink moon

who is this woman?

calling with a short breath’s consternation

in midst of a snowstorm that turns out to be

white ash from a hydrogene bomb trial

in the atoll.

of course for the militarist

she’s just a replaceable person

and she doesn’t matter.

for the humanist/ the artist/ the poet

her life is important and she has not deserved

to end thru a nuclear fission

and its aftercauses of contamination.

And so these happenings continued


from the chenobyl disaster to fokoshima

japan –

and the world still carries on with

such madness nation clambering

for ownership of joining the nuclear

league of ruling the world thru’ fear.

who is this woman?

calling in the midst of a furnace-like


that explodes in her heart

and she sends her mind to join the


who’ll write down their dialogue

for years to come.

is it the muse who had a sudden

call of duty to serve her patients?

is it the tragedy of ageing that dulls

and confuses feelings

and pushes libidos to the back-burner

of life’s kitchen?

it is patience and endurance

during these testing times of forced

indifference between humans

that’s needed/ the muse stated

donating paper and pen to the bard

during this pink moon state of mind.

a lafontaine drawing block for the


with a set of rotring fineliners

to create works of art.



zjg poetry’21.

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