naked lunch

he has not yet hada good look into

the depth of her eyes

but recalls quick glances at a luncheon’s


she had set up celebrating his birthday

no 81/ he shook inside hit by a quiver

that ran down his spine.

what did he make of it?

she/ with crystallic-blue eyes

offers him friendship

he took wholeheartedly.

reflecting on her appearance :

her skin like porcelain

his eyes searched for her breasts

she kept hidden below her wide


although he senses generous sizing

in indicative outlines.

she rises quickly to serve some

french baguette and cheese

the artist in him is stirred by her

full-moon derriere

reminding him of an ernst fuchs

sculpture called erotic goddess

with strong feet her shapely body

well supported and the artist wishes

to study her most imposing nude

he tells her

but she would still shy away from

that notion

taking instead portrait fotographs

of the poet/artist in different

positions she asks for.

would she also take image-snaps

of his nude?

one day/ the poet muses/ one day

they will have sessions of drawing

their nudes followed up by lunch.

naked lunch?


zjg poetry’21.

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