thirteenth song

because i’ve written something

of importance

that’s part of my existence

i wanted to share with you

looking forward to reveal it

to you

yet these verses might mislead

as i sat dumbfounded

having lost an important portion

of my erotic life

or is it just self-pity

i’m indulging in right now?

i was a bit deeper

finding myself in a groove

recollected and poised

to write down my intimate

thoughts/ my innermost emotions

that lately rule my imprisoned

life/ this life/ completely useless

until i have some close and

intimate contact i cannot do


like a set of parts that sustain

my life/ parts that are more than

just sustenance

without them i just will perish

little by little/ in small packages

that’ll drop from my heart’s

storge system

that depletes its urgency of virility

and lets me fade into the far

distance –

a long-lost friend

who faded-out of your life

a pale horizon that disappears

behind a swill of waves

at a boat trip to an island

bleached-out in the bright and

sunny days/ your summer’s months

a summer i seek to be with you

in you

living with you

door to door

eye to eye

body to body

in all the nights

friends together at daytime

yet lovers together

always at night.

i cling to your body

desperate and with hope

to be with you in the most

intimate moments

and to stay with you in hardships

and the sufferings of our souls.

at last! i feel your body’s warmth

close to me

in this huge bed of smooth and

heated-up emotions

let my heart revive and find

my loving slide into you

to the beat of our excitements

that a well-traveled bard matured

to love you well

and deeply

could still excite you

with his body’s pounding

tossing your innermost

into a frenzy

of so many lustful cries.


zjg poetry’21

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