the poet who experiences the word:

‘longing for you’

in varied portions of intensity

especially thru’ the medium of comm’s

atan instant/ on intuition/ feelings for

embraces –

that come like waves of the sea

stronger and stronger like ebb and flow

a constant appearing of emotions of

being together –

something that has happened already

in the mind

but in the body language it’s still

seated in the atmosphere of a dreamlike


this thought is quite important to the

poet/ artist/ writer/ creative

human being: togetherness with a muse

a loved one will be felt as a most important

act for survival.

this notion will develop and take-off

on a life of its own

and in the soul-bonding that has happened

years ago

it’ll push to the fore of being also

physically together for the union

to complete itself.

autoeroticism is already on its way

to a duo-eroticism.

‘i want you!’ the inner voice shouts

yet the body acts a bit shy or reserved

not for reasons of having been hurt

once/ but from a lack of confidence

not being able to satisfy the partner

with one’s own sexual projections

one’s own perspective of what seems

to be satisfaction in love that’s though

closer to lust/ perhaps too selfish

as one recalls the last sexual love

where the experienced love interest

expressed her likes and dislikes

in sexual acts/ the ways to satisfy

a lover’s needs/ for both partners.

hello poet! are you afraid of sexual


besides/ what are all these fears?

let go and stop the games of the

overworked mind/ just like in writing

be speedy and bypass the controlling


well/ the poet muses: i have no sexual

fears/ but the old man in him laughs

out loud. ‘Shut up!’

better ask your muse and let eroticism

develop steadily/ not kill like an

amphylactic shock falling over her

without a preparation

of the thrashing floor of love

as Gibran says in his poems.

perhaps the poet’s star sign had influence

to create fear of a failure at the moment

when the foreplay was about to

come to an end.




(all artwork by zg art)

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