the palindrome effect

she has the initial appearance of

an earth mother

a voluptuous woman/ a rich meal

of delicious fare/ a ghosting appearance

in a time of puberty/ a rounded woman

with flesh aplenty

where dreams of fulfilled sexuality

are palpable

without having touched her

but intentions to do so are deeply

seated in the male libido

that senses the physical and mental


for a great sexual encounter

indicated with talks on the telephone

yet/ as all conversation may be recorded

and although one is more straight out

on the comm’s electronical interlink

than eye to eye –

when the need to do it is böocked out

by the interchange of info about books

and stimulating tools for mastering

the art of writing

besides all other artistic expressions

to further one’s self-realization.

voila! She’s a fully fledged photographer

and wishes to take snaps of one’s

portrait/ loose one’s self-conciousness

of being photographed/ she wishes

you telling her stories so that the artist

dives into a relaxing mood

while she snaps away on her minolta.

front to back/ back to front/ this is

the palindrome effect the poet uses

since he had detected it in the poetry

of oddysseus elytis.

super/ she says/ her tongue slides

over her lips

as if she had tasted a sweet desert.

now then/ the poet muses/ all we do

in art is out of love

but only if we wish to contribute

with a positive attitude.

thank you for the talk/ she said

thank’s for having me/ he replies.




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