hello sunday

sunday afternoon all’s quiet here

in weidling/ near vienna

yet countryside with customs and

in mind.

the poet sits back/ listening tohardbobs

life vol.1/ monk / rollins/ etc.

thanks to youtube and the great

internet connectivity to the world

of art and love.

yesterday night parsifal/ unbearable

but a good excuse to change channels

even if one’s spouse is a fan of opera –

and finish a painting’s rendering layer

on top of two watercolour layers.

next door’s art critique ‘A’ notived

the work in passing/ commented about

the underlying erotic genre on the

part abstract geometry of body parts:

you studied courbet?


there are parallels to his work.

‘really?´´i couldn’t fathom that with

my best intentions. nay.

whatever/ it’s great to loose oneself

in the labyrinth of shapes/ sizes/

perspectives/ and just to follow the

one’s inner voices

that are often as confusing to the

artist’s mind

as a wagner opera/ tristan and isolde

comes foremost to the artits’s mind.

hello sunday.

welcome to my art.


zjg poetry’21.

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