viva aprile

the poet ritsos wrote:

‘it’s spring

i cannot match

my bitterness into its light’.

my right eye is runny

and i use a warm watered cloth

to relax its nerves that may cause it

trying to soothe some awkward


as it happens with advanced ageing

there are however many tasks

that let me forget my small irritations

of a physical nature:

draw/ paint/ multimedia is fun

the creation of art remains one of

the great adventures of my life

setting all else further back.

writing poetry id a breather

inbetween rendering drawings

where figures/faces/parts of symbols

for living and loving emerge

from the worked at basic watercolour

where i will render a second layer

an encrustation of culture that lives

inside the artist

colours and drawings/ bits an pieces

encrustation of an intuitive ocean

to the shell of an idea,

there’s light for the artist growing

on a daily reconciliation

with the fickle ways spring will

present itself:

at times like a wayward child

then again a young girl teasing

the elderly artist

a woman in love

a model to be painted.

viva aprile!


zjg poetry’21.

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