the poet has a sobering moment

besides his positive thoughts

about art & love –

poetry he illustrates for a new

book he calls: ART & LOVE

a true interaction of lyrical poetry

and art –

expressive drawings that influence

the choice of words

the mood of the poem

when the intricate drawing guided

by half-awake consciousness

slides in and out of the subconscious

mind/ directed by a state of

growing communication with a muse

in a state of a soulmate dialogue

thoughts exchanged via beams of

ESP/ like musical scores.

then again the words wake from

a state of being in that groove

have brought about a poem

that inspires the artist of the other

half living in the poet

to draw freely and having left

all constraints aside.

this happens fast and furious

cutting-out the editor in one’s

mind. voila!

the poet recalls his facilitator

and friend/ amara/ inspiring writing

by extending one’s mind and soul.

his creative time in athens/ greece

where the poet bloomed into

a fully fledged artist/ living close

to the winds of legacy of exceptional


steering his boat of his own artistic

life towards the island of creativity.

celui qui a compris cela

a tout compris.



zjg poetry’21.

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