the difference

“what is the difference between

‘i like you’ and ‘i love you’?”

buddha said: ” when a flower pleases

you notice it.

when you love a flower

you take care of it every day.

whoever understood that

understood everything.”

now then/ the poet said to his friend

i gave lots of presents to a woman

but then nothing seemed to satisfy

her need

and she collected for many years

fashionable clothes/ hats/ shoes

and jewelry.

one day thru’ bad luck

she lost almost everything

and now she has difficulties of sharing

when times are tough on everybody.

however/ his friend said/ i had a girlfriend

and we understood each other well

went for long walks/ coffee/ and talked

one day she just left stone cold

and never returned.

well then/ the poet said/ I keep life

as it should be lived

just as you write a poem

let your feelings and your mind

be in a healthy dialogue and enjoy

those people who love to walk with

you along for a while

or take the bus for a joyful ride.


zjg poetry’21.

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