what are you waiting for?

that spring will come to you

steadily like the narrative

in a classical novel?

we have arrived at a month

known as being unpredictable

as far as the daily weather is concerned

putting most predictions to ridicule.

well/ in my case/ the poet muses:

i will just look out the window in the

morn/ and there’s my weather prediction

for the day.

but then/ there’s another weather

inside you/ the poet/ the artist/ the seeker

of truth for oneself.

it is thus that you’ll determine

your inner season

by thinking about art/ art related things

and the aesthetic qualities you always

had deep within you

but never realised

until you met your muse

and while your feelings melt in her


you’ll know the moment

when your instincts take over

just like when you’ll be in your

creative flow.

what are you waiting for?


zjg poetry’21.

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