birthday musing

on the 81st year since his birth

he thought about his past life

where anecdotes/short snapes

of photographs/ video clips

and ideas forged/ some completed

flickered on the screen of his

mind’s eye

like classical movies.

what a wonderful tool one’s brain is

but it has to be rested in a fine

wellness centre of his lively imagination

whrere he visits his muse

all those beautiful women

who had befriended him

or he had chosen by gutfeel

and a spark in their eyes

that he responded to.

voila! now he – on his last laps

on the racetrack of life –

will endeveour to forge

a last ditched effort for

completing his task of publishing

his lyrical oevre

will it become an oevre complete?

his muse/ a generation ahead of him

will be of great help

and with her heart of gold is the

sustenance for the artist’s soul

the best present he could have

for his birthday.



zjg poetry’21.

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