just life

for a long time I’ve mourned

about losing you

over your dialogues/letters/photographs

all preserved by digital power

to be recalled at any time

day and night.

and every time i felt you still could inflame

in me your holistic love

or what has been left in my mind’s memory

about a great love/ once/ 17 years in returns

perhaps faded somewhat

but still those traces of those athens mornings

lie still like quicksilver’s float on clouds

pearls that tickle my fancy

memories of sweet ecstasies.

for a long time i’ve sat and contemplated

about no sense of living without love

until i found ‘art & love’ – an everchanging

feast of mind and soul7 indeed a great

moving feast.

dropped my defenses

denuded my body like my soul

and started to live again –

just life.

just art.

just love.


zjg poetry’21.

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