tea bag/teesackerl/teebeutel

“dieser mann aus felpu…

this man from felpu/ artist

and poet

squeezes his teabag with his fingers

and then places his fingers on his

eyelids too

before he drinks the squeezed rest

of the tea.”

mr t. tells that to his spouse

but mrs ira won’t comment –

as he had just done for her an

innermost dig/ creating five faces

who float in midst of an autumn

landscape –

he had conceived visually/ as he

drifted past in the 400-bus

that moves along the backwater of

the danube/ with its tall poplars

that let fall their colourful garb –

pretty women who hide their

denuded bodies

behind the mighty trunks –

their natural lonely habitat

for the oncoming wintry season –

elfin/ nymphs/ erotic beings?

as long as they’ll stay in our dreams

like that,




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