if my bed would be more comfy –

muses the poet –

i probably wouldn’t be forced

to get up/ so it has a good side

to get going at 80 plus!/ besides

mrs b/ up at the crack of dawn

prepares her hair on the green

leather couch for the day

listening to a mozart symphony

pleasantly tuned down for not

waking me up too harshly.

fine. pyjamas are a bit humid –

it’s the moist air that clings to

the garments/ keeps the poet

alive with the daily dose of

dripirrigating his creative plant.

he might decline in his overall

body functions somewhat

but his mind is still alert.

now then/ change clothes

warm water to face and hands

get on with a breaky –

three minute soft egg/ kornspitz

buttered and add orange jam

hm! excellent!

check out the websites

write another journal poem for

his loyal readers across the seas

the continents

and for personal fun.




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