why do you write every day

another few stanzas?

a continuous stanza as I have

been inspired by george seferis

introduced to him by ana

my greek muse

the one who gave me the key

to enter the labyrinth of poetry

and prose.a labyrinth?

don’t look surprised. indeed.

every day you’ll write and every

day you fail/ at times more

at other times a bit less.

but if you wouldn’t fail you

wouldn’t write/ as if writing is

failure – see roth/ see rowling

see an army of others –

every day you await the magical

moment of inspiration

that’ll catapult you out of the

ordinary chit-chat/ the harbinger

of a lyrical garden with exotic

and strange fruit

you’ve never thought existed

that’s where you wanted to go

that’s where the treasures lie

you need to touch/ smell/ taste

and paint with your words.

that’s how you’ve always wanted

to write.



zjg poetry’21.

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