what happened to voluptuous bodies

as rubens#heritage dissolved for

a century in the myriad of modelled

bodies/ designed for the minimal use

of cloth/ just as a juxtaposition to the

ionic fashion of the hellenistic era?

the creation of a new body trend

that promised a brilliant career for

the new woman/ he-she gender –

a new gender creation/ a far cry from

thefeminine ideal of the hellenes.

take your pick.

what is really important/ once you’ve

tasted love/ lived desire/ good sex

adventures in eros?

it’s the person/ not the body alone

neither boby nor too voluptuous

certainly a bonus for the lucky artist

the happy-go-lucky bon vivant.

from symbols of beauty – venus:

willendorf to aphrodite of knidos

aphrodite by praxiteles – all resemble

beauty as summary of mind/ body

and soul

beauty isn’t only in the face and body

but the spark inside.

spark and body.




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