if you met by chance a woman –

you have met before/ at a time when

she was inhibited with learning about

various cultures – especially classocal

egyptian/ hellenistic greece/ modern

chinese –

you are surprised that she suddenly

will not solely remembered you

but also enjoys your talent as an

artist/ supporting you with a letter

some ink and a pen/ watercolor paper

a walnut-pasrty/ an invite for lunch

goat cheese in a capped pyramid box

showing you artistic fotographs of a

sensible soul

you’ll be thinking of painting her

one day. indeed.

as a muse has always followed you

all your artistic life/ the cycle of muse

and artist follows you:

at the age of 80 plus 11 months

may this year of (9) not be a year

feared by all artists concerned about

the number nine

but become a revolutionary year

for mutual success.

as her engagement for humanity

and your obsession with your art

may fuse to an even atomic event

thru’ drawing/ painting/ and thru’

philosophical writing

forging the base for a new novel

with atistic value/ perhaps.

follow your artistic life/ artist!




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