portrait m1

downtown to the city of saints

on a saturday early afternoon

sunny but without more strength

to warm the air being pleasant

pallid blue the skies/ cotton wool

floating clouds

the artist forgot his gloves –

the air is quite nippy

a far cry from the warmth of

afrique du sud’s pleasant climate


one got used to very quickly.

but not to the northern polar

claws of the wind

that grabs your neck and balls.

fortunately meetings of artists

with like minds

or has his illusion of being thus


clouded his stirred-up


red wine from eastern vineyards

blaufränkisch-cultivar a tradition

for any ageing artist from hinzel

though he still may hold his own

matters in love.

drawing a portrait: a point of departure

extensions to erotic studies may

now again open up

her world of voluptuous overflow

bums to be studied

faces and nudes/ two portraits





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