if you are not an instant sleeper when

you go to bed/ before midnight

you’ll be in for white nights at times.

some folks seem to be working at night

bright lighting will be the most

disturbing factor from a 30 feet close


across a yard

surfaced with stone-split

working itself into the ground by cars

that zip-in and out from boisterous

teneants/ and all pedestrians walk close

passed the poet’s window

preferring the concrete apron

to the rain-sodden ground

its split sticking to the soles of modern

shoes of mass production.

this rainy morn’ fresh air ozon saturated

but breathing so much easier

at least air pollution somewhat cleaned

even a walk from the bus station kierling

along stadtplatz to the HNO-praxis of

dr brand isn’t that unpleasant

albeit brolli/ shoulder bag/ FFP2 mask

and padded raincoat : and all for just

having my blocked nose blown out.

whatsa the matter? the doch asks rushing


i lost my smell/ my spouse said

i cannot even smell the indication of food

burning on the electrical stove

but only when it’s too late to save it

becoming charcoal.




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