noel + muses

have you ever drawn up asummary

of your muses

who have inspired your writing –

the dwarf/ who knocked at the huge

kitchen window/ asked the poet.

no/ not yet/ but i certainly should

do so and also write it down

before i will forget it/ he sniggered

and his friend pygmie noel

staggered to his racing car/ sped off.

the poet still could hear his hyena-laugh

a cacphonic sound lingering in the air

noel the raing driver/ hahaha!

the poet checked out his emotional state

thinking of a flare-hipped woman

with an angelical smile on her fine-lined

lips that appeared like an opening wound

pink-red and moist.

i need to write about my muses/ indeed

mon would inspire this part already well

a woman with an expressive

gluteus maximus.

the poet would write between the extremes

of appearances in women:

the emaciated women from the holocaust

the richly endowed near barock-appearance

of his muse in art/ he certainly will depict

them both for his huge canvas

he had only thought thru’ until now.

it could be for an exhibition of his

muses-series – MUSES 2/ muses continued

from an exhibition that has yet to

materialize at spittelberg’s atelier ‘A’.





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