‘er irrt herum im bedsitter’

his wake-up in a mess of


his body moves to a life of its own

he concentrates/ switches on his

silver laptop on loan

for a check-up on the status of

his books on BoD –

where he forgot to activate payment

and agreement for a one-year contract.

he has sold 35 books since he started

two years ago –

but even if writing cannot support

his living/ it’s all he has left

to express himself with text and

with drawings.

the woman sitting opposite in the

rattling post-war bus/ on a higher

seat to his/ above a wheelcover

legs crossed – a free model to look at

legs crossed over/ the left kneecap

showing thru’ her charcoal tights

her anatomy appears visible to the

artist who denudes her of her brown

overcoat/ her light-beige jersey

with only a dove-grey woolen shawl

left abover her charcoal stockings

a strong-boned figure

fallen asleep

the rattling bus shaking her legs open

showing her muscular thighs –

would she sit model for him?




One thought on “model

  1. at times a muse appears disguised as a portrait/ a sculpture in a museum! he must have been stunned by the woman his muse in the universe had sent him/ playing his fading libido…

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