nessum dorma

the poet summed up his recent

activities – somewhat hampered

by a setback of his own exhibition

of his artist twin-brother in this

single carapace

as a lockdown set by government

will continue until the bunny shows

and possibly beyond

and that it has destroyed the rhythms

of exhibitions of galleries

moving dates of previous committment

into the unknown land of noddy

especially for the private/ unbridled

artists/ individuals who believe in their

contemporary works of art

who have forked out their precious

savings for their presentations

now sit at home and lick their wounds

as not even the removed benches at

meeting places have been reinstalled

yet/ or will they ever be?

a general depressive air hangs about

town’s squares and places

where a sparse population takes to

the roads/ walkways/ and parks.

not yet has happy laughter returned

to cafes/ bars/ and bistros/ eateries

and ice cream parlours/ restaurants

and spots of entertainment –

the opera: now a museum/ the favoured

coffe bar/ bistro opposite/ serves an

espresso in a paper cup

you have to consume standing

at the outside of the shop.

nessum dorma.



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