swift dreams in turns and with surprises

symbolic togetherness of a puritan soul

and a man filled with passion

blocked by experience’s emotional lake

where pure rain’s sweetness rains in

every drop

raining down on the artist

who cannot seem to convert

a hailstorm of diamonds into units

of tradable coins/ other than

compare his environ of dreams

to the condition on uranus/ star of purity

in a chemical state –

corner of the universe’s soul –

a hue of pearl-white state to reflect

on the artist’s last painting.

uranus/ mon/ ghostlike pursuer of

an irreal purity

impossible to paint as a watercolour

but sense its power on the poet and


testing his just woken mind

behaving like a dog in heat

tending to his cock and balls-

frustration in love or a change of guards

at the threshold of his libido?


an erotic cloud wiped off

the artist’s pallette with a cup

of an early morning tea.




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