love and literature (XLIII)

my life revolve around

those places/ squares and


for pills and creams

for books and screams

that i’ll visit

in a desperate attempt

to find some sense for a

lonesome togetherness

in the lemon slice that drops

into my chinese tea

of recuperation from the brink

of desolated roads

and empty galleries.

woman-bird that carries me

on wings of ardent inspirations

to the other side of lethe –

the blue star

the red hot poke

of the once revolving sun

the turquoise fish/ smoothing

the mind

the burst of children’s morning

laughter/ shrieks and swills of

innocent chatter

some birds rise from a new generation

mingling lively between the sculptures

as living art/ miro – who smiles.

day dreaming drive-thru’ veins of

communicating roads

threads from the deeper side of

tragic laughter to the bustle of the

trader’s nets

that catch the shoppers unaware

like buzzing flies that tumble/ lie/

wait/ struggling for their end in


amber tea ahd lemon slice

white skinned / yellow egg slice

dark-pink tuna shreds

that ended on the green leaves

of lettuce/gherkins/ red tomatoes

broad potato slices/ black olives

like dark eyes

stare in quiet disbelieve

inner sighs – moisture like cries.

then into the mist of thoughts

and the blue light of his dreams

he leans his head on his angled arm

thru’ half-closing eyes.

the image of the fiddler’s face

shimmers from the glass on his table

calls him

beckons him with his wide warm eyes.



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